Online Coaching

We offer online, personalised programs and coaching for dedicated clients who are serious about taking their training to the next level.


6 Week Program
Recommended for beginners, or athletes who are peaking/tapering. Ideal for those who are ready to make a 6 week commitment to their fitness.

8 Week Program
Recommended for intermediate lifters or athletes, or people committed to reaching their goals in 8 weeks.

12 Week Program
Recommended for the advanced lifters and athletes. Those who are disciplined and dedicated to their goals.

52 Week Subscription
If you have long term goals, and are committed to achieving them, this is the most comprehensive option. Join us for a full year if you are dedicated, and we will help you achieve your best self.


Rejoin – $400


Rejoin – $560


Rejoin – $880


What’s involved in an online coaching package?

  • 15 minute Zoom consult
  • Personalised program created and analysed by 2 sport scientists
  • Weekly checkins
  • Ability to submit training videos to our trainers to correct form and technique
  • Access to exclusive telegram group to answer questions, provide daily motivation, and bonus workouts.

OUR GUARANTEE – If you do not improve on either: Body Composition, Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness, or Movement/technique, by the end of your training block, we will give you your money back!

BONUS OFFER! Join any package back to back for 48 weeks (or 52 week subscription) and receive a FREE KINESIOLOGY WELLNESS BALANCE – Valued at $198!

PLUS! If you pay for 48 or 52 week subscription up front, you also receive a FREE HOLIDAY valued at $1000!

We are dedicated to seeing you reach your fullest potential.

Please email us if you have any questions.

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