If your health is important to you, I encourage you to check out some of these awesome resources!

Outback Wellness

Sharyn is a qualified kinesioligist, specialising in energy balancing and healing. She works with your body to give it the support it needs to heal itself.

Karlinda Suffolk


Despite popular belief, chiropractors are not ‘bone crunchers.’ In fact chiropractic goes far beyond even adjusting the spine. A chiropractors role is to diagnose neuro musculoskeletal issues which inturn can affect overall health…. Read More

Be Inspired Nutrition

Theresa has a Bachelor in Clinical Science, Human Nutrition and is accredited with the Nutrition Society of Australia as an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). She also studied Nutritional Medicine and Food as Medicine.

From her website, you can buy Theresa’s cookbook, download free recipes, partake in online programs, or request a consult and work with her 1 on 1. If you’re looking for a helping hand with your nutrition, follow the link below!

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