Pre Season Training


Make 2022 your best season yet!

Train like a Pro this Pre Season

This program is designed to guide athletes of all ages and abilities, all the way through the offseason to come back stronger, faster, & fitter for the 2022 sporting season. It doesn’t matter if you are battling injuries, have struggled to find consistency in training, have had your 2021 season cancelled early, you can give yourself the best chance at a great 2022 season.

No matter where you’re at, what your goals are, and what setbacks you are facing, we’re here to help you comeback better than ever! If you’re ready to commit to a great COMEBACK SEASON – Join us, and get ahead of the competition in preparing for the new season.

Starts January 10th 2022

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Available to Join from 10th of January

What you get:

  • Periodised training plan to suit you. Updated as you go.
    • Program designed based on your skills, availability and access to equipment
    • Designed for you and your sport, with any injuries/contraindications taken into account
  • Access to expert advice and coaching, technique tips, and support via telegram chat
  • Accountability checkins
  • Load monitoring and progress tracking to ensure maximum improvements and reduce injury risk


  • Support throughout the toughest, most boring part of the the season
  • Guidance to move you in the right direction and keep you motivated
  • Build strength, endurance, speed and power to improve your game like never before
  • Tackle asymmetries and weaknesses to help prevent injuries
  • Return to your sport more prepared than ever before

Have you ever had your season cut short due to injury? Being sidelined is never fun. For some, a brutal injury can be the end of their sporting career. For others, it is what pushes them to train harder and comeback stronger. Sometimes sporting seasons can be interrupted by things outside of our control. It’s up to us to control the things we can.

“In 2017 I completely ruptured my ACL playing Rugby 7’s. It was a devastating blow for me and I was told I would never play sport again unless I had surgery. I delayed surgery to focus on prehab and after a few months, sport was no longer my main priority, so eventually I just put off surgery all together. I went through phases of working hard on my rehab, to getting bored and slack with it. Whenever I became complacent with my knee, I would often end up doing something to re-injure it. In November 2020 I hyperextended it once again playing Oz-Tag and that was the final straw for me. I decided enough was enough, it’s time to take my training and recovery more seriously. I went back to seeing my Exercise Physiologist who rehabbed me and I put together a structured training program. This time I was more motivated, and I had Isaac keep me accountable. This experience helped make me the coach I am today. I know how devastating it can be to get injured in sport. I know that physical preparation can help to prevent many injuries. I understand that a lot of the injuries that happen during pre season, are a result of an inefficient offseason. I can relate to feeling lost and unmotivated to train, and have experienced first hand the importance of being held accountable. Most of all, I believe that a setback is just a setup for a comeback!” Emma-Lea

Working on yourself can be one of the biggest challenges we face, but it can also be one of the most rewarding. It is not something you have to go through alone. We want to help athletes make 2022 their best season yet, regardless of how this past season has turned out. If you join our team, we promise to be with you every step of the way, guiding you, and pushing you to be your best.

Pricing Structure

WeeksSuggested DatesPrice
1210 Jan -> 1 April$1000 AUD
1 +Start and finish at anytime$100/ week

12 Week Comeback Season Program

– Personalised 12 Week Program (recommended 10th Jan – 1st April 2022) – Weekly accountability – Coaching via video submissions – Load Monitoring


Need help keeping your athletes fit over summer? We are accepting a limited number of teams this pre-season. Discounted team rates apply. ENQUIRE BELOW

Ready to commit to greatness this preseason?

We are also offering 1 dedicated athlete a “Comeback Season” Scholarship!

Pre-made 12 week off – season training programs also available

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